Over 25 research studies were initiated following the ABC Primetime video on Protandim in 2005..
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Where are the meetings about LifeVantage and Protandim?
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Nothing explains Protandim or LifeVantage better than a video.
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You be successful you need the right tools, magazines, brochures and CDs and websites.
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LifeVantage® resources for distributors and customers.

There are several things distributors need to be successful. Customers also, are looking for information about Protandim, this website has the information you need.

For Distributors
Distributors need the right training. Visit this page for details on the types of support and tools available.
For Customers
Protandim is a very powerful and effective product. The most important thing customers can do is learn about it. Visit this page for more information about Protandim.
Frequently Asked Questions
A lot of people ask the same questions, see this page for answers to common questions.
For All
This website is for the entire LifeVantage® community. All suggestions are welcome.